About Us

The Hawaii Immunization Coalition (HIC) is a state-wide, community-based non-profit 501(c)3 coalition of public and private organizations and concerned individuals whose mission is to promote effective strategies to ensure that all of Hawaii’s families are appropriately vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases. Focus: Immunizations across the lifespan.

Our Goals

Partnerships:  Encourage partnerships among the community health systems, volunteer groups, professional groups, business and other entities to improve immunization rates.

National Recommendations:  Endorse national childhood and adult immunization recommendations.

On Time:  Advocate for on-time, age-appropriate immunizations of at least 90% of children before age two, focusing on those children most at-risk for disease.

Increasing Rates:  Improve youth and adult immunization rates in Hawaii.

Strategies:  Promote identified immunization provider strategies for raising immunization rates.

Education:  Provide immunization education opportunities for providers and the community, including safety & efficacy, recommendations and importance.

Registry:  Promote use of Hawai`i’s Immunization Registry.

Fundraising:  Develop and implement fundraising strategies to ensure continued financial support for coalition activities and initiatives.