• HepBSmart Free in-language animations about vaccine-preventable hepatitis B. 
  • Immunization Action CoalitionSite provides immunization resources in English and other languages.
  • Immunization Coalitions Network – Site from Immunization Action Coalition provides multiple channels for communication among local, state, regional, national, and international immunization coalitions.
  • Medline PlusSite provides a search engine for ease in locating specific immunization information for most age groups and diseases.
  • PROTECTPROTECT is an educational initiative designed to provide health care professionals with information about immunizations, including current schedules, vaccination coverage, and safety concerns. Online activities include Peer-to-Peer Dialogue; Enduring Clinical Tool Kit with Expert Faculty Newsletter/Rapid Recap, Video Vignette, and Myth Busters/FAQs; E-Newsletter Updates; and Slide Library
  • State of Measles – Interactive map of measles rates and immunization practices for each state.
  • Travel Immunization InformationCountry-specific and disease-specific information for travelers or others living in foreign countries.
  • The Vaccine PageGreat Facebook page supporting parents in the challenging process of understanding vaccines and protecting their children’s health. Clear, concise answers without judgment.
  • “Word of Mom” CampaignVaccine advice and recommendations from mothers to keep their families healthy