Mission and Structure

The Hawaii Immunization Coalition (HIC) is a statewide, community-based 501C(3) non-profit organization working to ensure all of Hawaii’s families are appropriately vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Hawaii Immunization Coalition is a non-profit, 501C(3) organization. Coalition members serve on Working Teams, where the majority of immunization strategies are implemented. Working Team members generate and implement ideas and strategies, sharing resources, and networking. The team members elect each team leader.

HIC Board
The Board is comprised of seven (7) members and all of the Working Team leaders. Each Board member has one vote on issues placed before the Board. New board members are selected by current Board members and represent the broad spectrum of coalition partners of HIC, which includes public and private agencies and individuals. The Board makes policy and provides direction for the Working Teams. The Board actively supervises the fiscal policies and activities in support of HIC purposes, objectives and Mission.

Working Teams
Each Working Team focuses on immunization issues within specific age-groups within our community. Working Teams’ activities include advocacy, education, direct services, and raising awareness.