Board of Directors

The Board is comprised of selected “Friends of HIC” within the coalition.  The Board makes policy, provides direction for the Working Teams, and supervises the fiscal policies and activities in support of HIC purposes, objectives and Mission. The Board meets monthly.

Please contact any Board member if you would like to present an immunization issue at a Board meeting.



jsj350x350Judy Strait-Jones (2017-2019) – President
Judy is committed to ​public health. Prevention of vaccine-preventable disease has kept her involved with the coalition for the last two decades. A five-year period of living and working in Kathmandu, Nepal, in the ‘80s encouraged her to change her focus to work in public health in Hawaii.​
plumeria_zpsvzdoegbjJanelle Jinbo (2017-2019) – Treasurer
Janelle is a family nurse practitioner in various health settings. She is a part of the military Joint Vaccination Work Group and has worked at/with the Hawaii Department of Health. She is interested in promoting vaccinations for all ages.


IMG_1608Jodie Sanada (2018-2019)  – Secretary
Jodie is a Public Health Nursing Supervisor at the Hawaii State Department of Health.  She has also had experience working in pediatrics as a Nurse Practitioner and as a staff nurse for private entities.  She works to educate communities about the importance of immunizations and how to obtain access to these services.


Francine AzouzFrancine Azouz (2017-2019)
Francine is a Masters Student at the Department of Tropical Medicine at the UH Manoa, where she works towards the development of novel therapeutic interventions for the clinical management of mosquito-borne viruses like Zika and West Nile Virus. Francine is past President of Student Immunization Initiative (SII), an organization led by graduate students advocating for vaccination and disease prevention.


december-16-hairCeleste Baldwin (2017-2019)
Celeste is currently Tenure Track Nursing Faculty at The University of Hawaii Maui College.



fb-photoForrest Batz, PharmD (2017-2019)
Forrest is a consulting pharmacist and adjunct faculty member of the UH Hilo Daniel K Inouye College of Pharmacy. He strongly supports efforts to make vaccines easily available for the health of everyone in our community.

2019-0101 echuang-hicpic1Eleanore Chuang (2019)                                                                                  After twelve years as a Biologist in laboratories at the National Institutes of Health, Eleanore moved to Honolulu to pursue a PhD in Tropical Medicine at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UHM). Her graduate research focused on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and human papillomavirus (HPV) co-infection. She is currently Postdoctoral Fellow at UHM with a focus on development of a vaccine against Ebola virus.

mrdcMay Rose Dela Cruz, DrPh (2017-2019)
May Rose is the Co-Project Director of ‘Imi Hale Native Hawaiian Cancer Network and creates local health education materials to increase cancer screening and awareness. She also conducts research on increasing HPV vaccination rates in Hawai‘i.
Dee Helber (2017-2019)
Past HIC President Dee is a retiree from the Hawaii State Department of Education. Her extensive experience in the field of immunization and education is invaluable for the coalition.


Joanna Kettlewell (2017-2019)
Joanna is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Tropical Medicine at UH Manoa. She is researching HIV neuropathogenesis and potential preventative strategies to reduce cognitive deficits in HIV-positive patients.  Joanna is also incoming President of the Student Immunization Initiative of Hawaii (2018-2019). She is committed to public health advocacy and communicating science effectively to a broader audience.


boardpic-gailsmall_zps7ccbed6cGail Ogawa (2017-2019)
Gail has been a Public Health Educator with the Hawaii State Department of Health Immunization Branch since 2001.  She works to promote immunizations for children, adolescents, and adults.


Thaddeus Pham

Thaddeus Pham (2017-2019) – Web Manager
Thaddeus is the Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator for the Department of Health, making sure that ANYONE at risk for hepatitis A or B gets the vaccinations they need.  He strongly believes that everyone deserves to access the vaccines that will protect their health.



Marian Phillipson (2018-2019)
Marian has an MPH in Public Health Planning and Administration from UH Manoa.  After working in the Department of Health Immunization Program for 8 years, Marian joined Merck & Co. in the Vaccine Division in the Public Health Sector.  She has a passion for preventive health care including immunizations across the life cycle.